Agricultural Market Information Service building an inclusive business ecosystem

Agricultural Market Information Service building an inclusive business ecosystem


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has been fine-tuning its Agricultural Market Information Service (AMIS) – and associated CAMAgriMarket mobile app – to better connect farmers, traders and consumers, and build a more enabling, effective and inclusive business ecosystem.

The AMIS website notes that the ministry’s Department of Planning and Statistics has been collecting pertinent information on prices, output and wages to keep the service up-to-date and ensure that growers, the government and other stakeholders receive timely and accurate information to make better data-informed decisions for food security, to improve incomes, and on other matters.

“The purpose of the AMIS is to optimise access to agricultural market information for farmers, traders and other relevant institutions in the agricultural market chain to enable them to sell at affordable prices, and to establish agricultural marketing communication networks for their benefit,” the ministry said.

“Farmers will have more options to market their products with better price negotiations across the agricultural market chain. Farmers and traders will become more proficient in pre- and post-harvest processes, especially product classification, packaging, storage and transportation to increase value.

“[The service will also] build and strengthen the technical capacity of officials working in connection with agricultural markets in the capital and provinces,” it added.

Yourng Pakk, CEO of value chain management company AgriBee (Cambodia) Plc, said the CAMAgriMarket app, which uses AMIS, has helped a fair share of farmers and agriculture industry insiders find a wealth of information concerning market prices.

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Author: Hom Phanet

Source: The Phnom Penh Post

Publication date: 29 July 2022