Cambodia’s export to US soars to $7 billion

Cambodia’s export to US soars to $7 billion


Cambodia exported $7,077 million worth of products to the United States in the January-July period, a 64.7 percent increase compared to the same period last year, the US Census Bureau reported this week.

The Kingdom imported $305 million worth of products from the world’s biggest economic nation, a 29.9 percent increase year-on-year, the report read.

This resulted in Cambodia’s trade surplus with the US at $6,771 million.

In July alone, Cambodia’s export to the US amounted to $1,138 million, a 72 percent increase compared to July last year, while import was valued at $44.6 million.

Cambodia’s exports to the US were mostly garments and included goods such as footwear, bicycles and furniture.

The Kingdom imports include automobiles, machinery, electrical appliances and electronics.

Like other less developing countries, Cambodia exports travel goods to the US markets under the US Generalised System of Preference, which expired last year.

The Cambodian government has asked the US side to renew a key trade preference scheme for developing countries.

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Author: Chea Vanyuth

Source: Khmer Times

Publication date: 10 September 2022