Cashew processing plants set to expand exports

Cashew processing plants set to expand exports


Two internationally-backed cashew processing plants are slated to begin operating in Kampong Thom province, with a potential export manufacturing capacity of more than 20,000 tonnes per year.

The CSNC Agriculture plant, a joint venture between Cambodian and Singaporean investors, broke ground recently, with a production capacity of more than 14,600 tonnes per year.

Mirath Agri Tech, a large Japanese company, has announced it will break ground on a new plant – with an annual capacity of 7,300 tonnes per year – next month

Uon Silot, president of the Cashew nut Association of Cambodia (CAC), explained that both factories will be located in Kampong Svay district. CSNC Agriculture’s factory will produce 40 tonnes per day, while the medium-sized Mirath will generate 20 tones.

“Mirath Holding, the parent company of Mirath Agri Tech, is one of the largest companies in Japan. In addition, the company will open a processing plant in the following year which can absorb 25,000 tonnes of crude kernels per year. It will also open a factory which will produce cashew nut shell liquid [CNSL],” he said.

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Author: Van Socheata

Publication Date: 11 December 2023

Source: Phnom Penh Post