China firm keen on Kampong Thom agri-sector

A Chinese agricultural investment firm has set its sights on the fertile lands of Kampong Thom province, sparking hopes of economic growth and job creation in the region.

After extensive research, the company revealed its interest in investing in several hectares of land for the cultivation of crops like cassava, corn and grass breeding.

Provincial governor Nguon Ratanak met with a representative of the Chinese investment company and Duong Dara, secretary of state of the Office of the Council of Ministers on August 9 to discuss the investment in agriculture.

The announcement was met with hearty congratulations and support from provincial authorities, departments and the local community.

According to information from the provincial administration, the Chinese investment firm is highly regarded and recognized by the Chinese government for its expertise in agricultural production.

They found Kampong Thom to be abundant in agricultural resources, notably producing some of the world’s most delicious cashew nuts.

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by Chea Sokny | Publication date 13 August 2023 | 19:27 ICT