DCTS scheme reduces tariffs on UK exports

DCTS scheme reduces tariffs on UK exports


The Ministry of Commerce has urged exporters to adhere to the UK’s rules of origin (RoO) in order to benefit from their Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS), a system of graduated tariffs on imports.

In an October 3 notice, it said the UK government has launched the programme to promote sustainable economic growth in developing and least developed countries (LDCs), including Cambodia. Unlike conventional schemes, the DCTS not only offers duty and quota-free benefits to LDCs but also aims to ease the RoO and simplify various requirements.

The DCTS allows for a maximum of 75 per cent non-originating content with at least 25 per cent local content, or the change of tariff classification from four to six digits, for a product to be eligible.

Ministry spokesperson Pen Sovicheat highlighted on October 4 that Cambodia is among 65 countries that have accessed the framework since its inception in April.

“While the DCTS bears some resemblance to the Generalized System of Preferences [GSP], it’s notably distinct. For instance, the GSP includes only 47 countries, whereas the DCTS encompasses an additional 18 low-income to upper-middle-income countries as categorised by the World Bank,” he stated.

“The DCTS provides Cambodian enterprises with trade preferences, bolstering the export of our goods to the UK,” he said, emphasising the benefits of the scheme.

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Author: Van Socheata

Publication date: 04 October 2023

News: The Phnom Penh Post