Demand for Cambodia’s paddy, milled rice growing

Demand for Cambodia’s paddy, milled rice growing

The Kingdom’s rice export industry is on the rise. The Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) recently reported that between January and July 2023, the nation exported more than 360,000 tonnes of milled rice to 52 target countries, accounting for 52 per cent of the yearly target of 700,000 tonnes.

In a detailed breakdown, the Kingdom’s apex rice industry body said the total value of the 362,798 tonnes of milled rice was over $250 million. Notably, China and its autonomous regions took in 141,950 tonnes, to the tune of $90.27 million.

European countries imported 141,394 tonnes, valued at $100.31 million, while four ASEAN nations managed 30,171 tonnes, equating to $20.54 million. Elsewhere, 49,193 tonnes went to 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East, totalling $42.74 million.

In addition to these impressive numbers, neighbouring countries received a whopping 2,498,586 tonnes of paddy, worth $663.51 million. Around 60 per cent of these exports underwent certification from relevant authorities.

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by Van Socheata | Phnom Penh Post |Publication date 07 August 2023