Government encourages SMEs to join online marketplace

Government encourages SMEs to join online marketplace


Local and foreign companies with operations in Cambodia are eligible to join the marketplace, but the products ought to have made locally and hand-crafted, says the ministry

The Ministry of Commerce has called local small and medium enterprises to join an online marketplace where they can display their products for sales, citing that the online marketplace will soon be launched.

The calls have come as the ministry suspended the official launch ceremony of the online marketplace, since October last year.

The ministry has decided to suspend the official launch with aims to encourage more SMEs to join in the markets, the ministry’s spokesman Penn Sovicheat said yesterday.

Also, the ministry has been working to put the online marketplace in soon, he said, adding that payment merchants – banks have been connected to the online marketplace.

“We suspended the launch because we want to have an accuracy of using the system to ensure quality from sellers and quality to customers,” Sovicheat said, citing that during the time, the ministry is assessing the firms that apply for sales in the online marketplace.

As of November , more than 300 small and medium enterprises applied to display their products on Cambodia Trade, an online marketplace initiated by the Ministry of Commerce.

Most of the applicants are in the agro-industry, handicraft, food and beverage processing and textile industries, he said.

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Author: Chea Vanyuth

Source: Khmer Times

Publication date: 04 February 2022