PTT to promote local goods at petrol stations

PTT to promote local goods at petrol stations


The Ministry of Commerce and Thai-owned petroleum firm PTT (Cambodia) Ltd have announced they will continue to promote the sale of Cambodian products at its filling stations every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for the month of May.

A ministry announcement said its General Department of Trade Promotion has collaborated with PTT to extend the sales push. The project – implemented at 19 stations across 16 provinces – was fist implemented in 2022, and has been successfully running since.

“Our cooperation aims to help promote small Cambodian family-made products in the domestic market. This boost the development of the Cambodian trade sector on the basis of transparency and community interests,” it added.

“The project will be implemented every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May from 8am to 5pm,” it said.

Royal Academy of Cambodia economics researcher Ky Sereyvath welcomed the project, as changing the mindsets of Cambodian consumers – many of whom prefer to purchase imported goods – is important to the growth of the economy.

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Author: Sok Raksa

Source: The Phnom Penh Post

Publication: 07 May 2023