SME global alliance keen on Cambodian tourism industry

SME global alliance keen on Cambodian tourism industry


The Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME) is exploring opportunities in Cambodia’s tourism sector.

GASME secretary-general Frank Cao Fang told Minister of Tourism Thong Khon during his April 3 visit that his delegation was examining investment opportunities across Cambodia, but was particularly interested in the tourism industry.

Khon told Cao that Cambodia will expand investment in tourism infrastructure and products, and is also preparing a marketing strategy specific to the Chinese tourism market.

Cao said GASME, established by outstanding entrepreneurs who enjoy assisting the development of other countries, focuses on international economic cooperation.

Currently, the alliance maintains offices in many regional countries, as well as several in Oceania, Europe and Africa.

“We’re focusing on communication and consultation between China and Cambodia. We aim to share win-win strategies that will build friendly relations between the two countries. Like entrepreneurs around the world, we also aim to boost economic development,” said Cao.

Khon said comprehensive peace that Cambodia enjoys today makes it an excellent opportunity for investment in many areas.

“The government’s investment policy is extremely welcoming to foreigners. In addition,Cambodians are ready to welcome Chinese visitors,” he said.

“The tourism ministry has been preparing the ‘China Ready’ book since 2015, which aims to ensure that tourism operators can meet the standards demanded by Chinese visitors, and is developing advertising strategies to attract more Chinese tourists,” he added.

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Author: Van Socheata

Source: The Phnom Penh Post

Publication: 05 April 2023