Cambodia’s rice exports fetch $564 million

Cambodia’s rice exports fetch $564 million


Cambodia earned $564m from rice exports in the January-May period this year – $173 million from milled rice exports and $391 million from paddy rice, according to a report from the Cambodia Rice Federation.

In the first five-month period, Cambodia exported 283,675 tonnes of milled rice through 53 exporting companies, read the report.

China remained the top buyer of Cambodia’s rice, followed by the European Union, the CRF said in a news release, adding that export to China accounted for 52.6 percent of the total rice exports.

The Kingdom exported 88,167 tonnes to the European countries, representing 31 percent of total export, an increase of 49.26 percent compared to the same period last year, read the report.

Exports to Asean countries rose by 17.59 percent to 25,691 tonnes, equivalent to nine percent, added the report, citing that exports to various destinations in 21 countries reached 20,376 tonnes or 7.20 percent.

Of the milled rice export, premium fragrant rice accounted 64.10 percent, white fragrant rice 33.12 percent, and parboiled rice and organic rice 1.42 percent.

Cambodia also exported 1,698,908 tonnes of paddy rice, valued at $391.7 million. In May this year alone, the country exported 62,537 tonnes of rice, an increase of 54.28 percent compared to May 2021.

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Author: Chea Vanyuth

Source: Khmer Times

Publication date: 06 June 2022