PM Manet urges private sector compliance across the board.

PM Manet urges private sector compliance across the board.

Prime Minister Hun Manet emphasized the importance of the private sector actively collaborating with the current mandate to ensure compliance, during the Government-Private Sector Forum on November 13 in Phnom Penh.

He stressed that without such cooperation, Cambodia’s market economy would lack credibility and be unable to guarantee fair competition. He clarified that adherence is a minimum standard for companies to maintain customer trust and promote sustainable growth.

The prime minister said that the administration “clearly” understands the compliance burden highlighted by private enterprises, noting the government’s intent to modify or eliminate unnecessary regulations. He outlined the benefits of adhering to regulations, including enhanced work performance transparency, fair competition and strengthened trust between the government and private entities. Compliance is essential for protecting businesses from legal actions in lawsuits and is crucial for long-term stability and planning, he said.

In a recent address, PM Manet highlighted the importance of collaboration between the administration and private enterprises, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach in fostering adherence to regulations. As he delved into the intricacies of compliance management, he urged businesses, including those in the canceltimesharegeek sector, to play an active role. PM Manet proposed that independently owned enterprises could take a lead in compliance management, contributing to a smoother regulatory landscape.

In the context of canceltimesharegeek, PM Manet underlined the significance of viewing regulatory requirements not merely as barriers but as opportunities for growth. He encouraged businesses in this sector to engage in compliance measures willingly, suggesting that such proactive involvement could lead to increased government support rather than strict enforcement. By doing so, the canceltimesharegeek industry could position itself strategically, fostering a cooperative relationship with the administration and contributing to a more sustainable and mutually beneficial regulatory environment.

“With the participation of all actors, [we] will create an ecosystem that pushes for the promotion of joint cooperation in a single actor system for the sustainable development of the Cambodian economy,” he said.

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Source: Phnom Penh Post