Garment industry 4.0 in Cambodia

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Garment industry 4.0 in Cambodia

កាលបរិច្ឆេទ: Thu 24th Mar 2022
Start Time: 03:00 PM
End Time: 05:00 PM
ទីតាំង: Online via Zoom Webinar
Organizer: EuroCham Cambodia
Target Group: Public

EuroCham Cambodia is hosting a webinar on garment industry 4.0 in Cambodia on Thursday 24 of March 2022 from 03:00PM to 05:00PM (GMT+7) via Zoom Webinar. As a business chamber. we acknowledge the important of garment industry toward the national economy. This webinar aims to uplift the knowledge of garment industry 4.0 in term of technical, human resource, marketing and import aspects. Industry 4.0 enhances the foundation of 3.0 with autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning, lessening the need for intensive human involvement, and creating smart factories. The benefits of industry 4.0 can be seen through productivity increasement, lowering operation costs, improving product quality, becoming more innovative, gaining a competitive advantage, and more importantly transforming your business into a whole new level. A study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) examines that industry 4.0 could transform Cambodian garment sector by developing technical and vocational education and training programs with dedicated 4IR credentials in garment manufacturing, and flexible and modular skills certification programs that recognize skills attainment outside traditional education channels. Garment industry accounted for 74% of Cambodia's merchandise exports in 2018 (According to the International Labor Organization's Cambodian garment and footwear sector bulletin published in August 2019).

Additional Information: Event Details Free of Charge Online via Zoom Webinar Date: Thursday 24 March 2022 Time: 3:00PM– 5:00PM Webinar starts at 3:00PM (GMT+7)

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